Spring Awakening

On my way home yesterday, I noticed that the little plot of daffodils at the end of my road is starting to make its appearance. Of course, there are no yellow blooms yet, only the green-beginnings, but they are there, a reminder that Spring is around the corner.

I always feel philosophical about Spring... perhaps because I look forward to it so much during the long winter months. But, like most people, I like the ideas of re-birth and new beginnings that seem inherent each time Spring rolls around. With each piece of green that bursts from the ground or sprouts on a tree limb, new life is breathed not only into the earth, but into my soul as well.

Spring is an awakening for me, too.

I'd forgotten all about that patch of daffodils at the end of my road, so the first appearance of their green stems was a sweet surprise. Every new beauty of Spring strikes me the same way... a sweet surprise, a welcome ray of sunshine, a new awakening.

So, here's to impending Spring. May our hearts, minds, souls, and creative impulses be awakened, just as the earth is awakened in color and warmth.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. I had a gentle reminder of spring's impending arrival today as I was carrying in the groceries and noticed that my tiger lily shoots are popping up next to the porch...at least a good inch to three out of the ground. Made me just a bit giddy!

    Totally can't wait to see more buds and sprouts!

  2. I have bulbs sprouting everywhere. My daffodils, crocus, and a few other things are up. And I have poison ivy on my arm already So Spring is here.

    Glad it's raining instead of snowing.
    Teresa R.