Cutting the Line

The rush and craziness of the holidays now behind me, I've turned my mind back toward my writing. Sometimes after such a busy and exciting time - a time when schedules and routines get thrown out the window - it takes a conscious effort to re-focus and carve out the time and energy I need to write. But I always figure out a way.

This time that "way" was to jump ahead... go out of order... cut the line, so to speak. I found myself kind of stuck, not exactly sure how to proceed with the next chapter in my current work-in-progress. So, I stewed on it for a while, and still... I just didn't know.

So I asked myself, "What do you know?" Immediately, scenes began to jump into my mind. Scenes that I knew would happen... eventually. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I just skipped ahead.

It's a technique I've used before, when I get in those "stuck spots". I prefer to write "chronologically", but in those times when inspiration for the "next thing" is missing, I find it refreshing and energizing to jump ahead to something that is clear in my mind, vivid in my imagination. Does that mean the scene is perfect and needs no revising? Of course not! Like any scene, it will need tweaking and editing and re-imagining. But here's the really cool thing - when I go back to the "stuck spot" after "cutting the line", there's a freshness that wasn't there before. And somehow, I discover just the right way to continue on from where I left off.

Sometimes it pays to cut the line!

Happy writing and reading everyone!

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  1. Gosh! I wish I could "cut the line" and jump ahead to scenes in real life. lol!

    I think that writing books must be incredibly cathartic. I'm so glad that you are following your heart and being true to yourself. It's inspiring!