Teaser Time: CRAVE by J.R. Ward

1) Take your current read
2) Open to a random page
3) Post a sentence or two
4) No spoilers... just teasers!
5) Teaser Time Host

This one comes from "Crave", by J.R. Ward, the second novel in her "Fallen Angels" series. It's good stuff!

And then Isaac picked up her things. One by one, he gathered what had been in her purse, wiping off the mud on his own sweatshirt, lining everything up on the hood of her car.

Falling back against the driver's-side door, she was captivated by how very careful he was, his bloody hands gentle.

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  1. I'm captivated too.... and it's just a teaser!


  2. Ooo I haven't read this one yet! Going on the top of the Most Wanted list right now.

  3. Great teaser! I still haven't read a book by this author...

  4. I haven't read anything by this author, but this one looks good