Quotable Discussions: W. Clement Stone

"So many fail because they don't get started; they don't go.

They don't overcome inertia.

They don't begin."

~ W. Clement Stone

Dreams become reality when we take the first step toward achieving them. It's been my dream to write books since I was eleven years old. In the beginning, it never occurred to me that it would be difficult, or that I couldn't do it. I just tried. I penned stories... brief, short scenes... on notebook paper all through middle school. As I got older, realization dawned that writing a book was a much larger task. Perhaps I lost sight of the dream for a time, believing it to be more than I was capable of, but the dream never actually went away. Several years ago, I made the conscious decision to pursue it, in earnest.

Now, three completed manuscripts and several partially completed ones later, I've made my dream a reality because I "got started"... I "overcame inertia"... I "began it". Published or not, I am not a failure as a writer, because I WRITE. I'm a success because I took the steps to make my dream a reality.

Whatever your dreams are, I encourage you to do the same. Begin them. Overcome the inertia of doing nothing about them. Don't fail because you never got started. Your dreams have much to give you and much to teach you. Go after them and see what happens!


  1. You're awesome, Amy. You post such beautiful quotes and make them come alive with your own view of them.

    You're absolutely right wtih this quote - you're not a failure because you're writing. This is a good reminder to me, too.

    Thank you for sharing!