Ice Cream & a Submission

Tonight I sat on my front porch in the twilight... enjoying the cool air and a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream... after having just sent off a requested full manuscript submission.

I imagine that in the weeks to come, as I wait and wait to hear back from the submission, I'll think back on that bowl of ice cream, and forever associate cookies and cream with that book and that submission.

A nice evening, all the way around.


  1. Very cool and congratulations! Does the book have anything to do with ice cream???

  2. Actually, there's not much of anything about ice cream in the book. I just felt like treating myself after sending that submission off :)

    It made me think about how we associate certain tastes, smells, etc. with certain events in our lives. I'm hoping this submission will be memorable enough for me to always remember what I ate immediately after I sent it off!!