Looking Ahead...

In three short weeks, I will be in Orlando, FL, for the annual Romance Writers of America National Conference. This will be my first experience at the conference, and I'm so excited to be a part of it!

What's so exciting about it? Well, the opportunity to meet new people, other writers, and network within the writing/publishing industry is very cool! There are list-serves and online groups and lots of ways to stay connected, but there's nothing quite like meeting like-minded individuals face to face. I'm also looking forward to informative workshops and publisher spotlights. I can't wait to learn from writers, agents, and editors who have the experience to help writers like me improve their craft!

I've been writing for what seems like forever... since I first discovered the joy of putting words together in creative ways, waaaaaaay back in the sixth grade. Seven years ago I made the decision to write "seriously", not only for the chance to pursue publication, but also for the chance to learn and improve and become a better writer. In those seven years I've written a lot of things, experimented with a lot of genres, and I now feel I have a definite "handle" on where my own writing fits. I love the variety, the creative freedom, and the imagination that exists in young adult fiction. And I love the idea that imaginative young adult fiction is generating a love of reading in young people. Really, what better pass-time is there for a young kid, than reading a book that is entertaining, informative, and provides them with a bit of escape from real life? As a middle school teacher by day, it thrills me to NO END to see my students carrying around books and using their free moments to read a few pages.

I love reading. I love writing. And I love working with tweens/teens. Perhaps one day the combination of those things will help me achieve publication. But if not, I'll still write... because, as I always say, the writing is far more generous to me than I am to it!


  1. Amy, I wish I was going so we could have a chat! I hope you have a great time. Love your new blog look!

  2. Amy:
    The new look for your blog is FANTASTIC! I love it.
    I'd love to be going but couldn't do Scotland and the conference too.
    I'll be thinking of you.
    Hope you have a great time.

  3. Amy, how cool that you're going to National! Have fun and pick up as many freebie books as you can. It's really a shame, what happened to Opryland. That would have been so much closer for everyone (here in KY, anyway).

    Love the new, colorful template. And how exciting that you've found your writing niche! I wish you all the best. :o)