Ireland in the Movies...

This week I watched the movie "Leap Year". I knew before I began the DVD that it would fill me with longing to see those sights for myself. I still hold out hope that someday that dream will become reality.

Some of my very favorite books are set in Ireland... "Fair Haven" by JoAnn Ross and "Jewels of the Sun" by Nora Roberts. (In fact, it "Fair Haven" was the book that said to me... "You can DO this. You can tell stories, too!") I fell in love with the country through the imagery and culture and folklore in those books. Movies set in Ireland do the same thing... and "Leap Year" was no different.

I loved the movie, both for its scenery and its glimpse into Irish life. The old guys sitting around a pub. The superstitions about when to begin or not begin a journey. The sexy Irish brogue of the characters, in particular Declan (Matthew Goode ). Loved the bits of Irish cooking we got to hear about... from the hang sandwich Declan makes for Anna (Amy Adams) at the beginning of the movie, to the scene in the garden of the B&B where the two of them pick carrots and leeks, and Declan kills the chicken!

(If you haven't seen the movie, be advised that the next paragraph and the video clip are "spoilers". Although, really... it's a romantic comedy, so you should already know the basics of how it ends!)

The ending of "Leap Year" was quite romantic... the words Declan and Anna spoke to each other heart-melting. But backdropped by the cliffs of the Dingle Peninsula! Whoa! Who wouldn't want to have a gorgeous man declare his love and propose marriage in a place such as that! I hope you enjoy the video clip... romantic words and breathtakingly romantic scenery. Is it any wonder that Ireland calls to me?


  1. Amy, are you drawn to Ireland solely as a place you'd like to go, or have you given thought to setting a story there?

    I truly believe that love of place can play as much of a role in writing as the characters themselves. We do better descriptions and include the surroundings in sensory details, and it makes for a much richer read.

    Nice blog!

  2. Hi Devon! I'm drawn to Ireland in both ways. The first book I wrote after joining RWA and KYRW is set in Ireland. It has MANY MANY MANY rookie mistakes in it and needs a LOT of editing, but someday I will go back to it... because the writing is fresh and vibrant, partly because of the beautiful setting and partly because I didn't know the "rules" and I just wrote for the enjoyment of it!

    Something happens inside me, like an almost physical reaction, when I see pictures of Ireland, hear their music, or see the Irish landscape on film. Maybe I have some ancestors from there... who knows?!

    Thanks for stopping by, Devon. I always enjoy your comments and thoughts. :)

  3. Oh, and I totally agree with you about the setting. It is another character in the book. The best books I've read use the setting like that. It's something I try (as all of us do) to add to our own writing. I want my setting to not just be a place, but an "atmosphere".

  4. I had the opportunity to watch this movie with an American friend who once lived in Ireland. She has the same innate love of the place as you. Ireland calls to her and she aches from missing it. Sometimes people belong to places.

    Those cliffs where the proposal took place are really something spectacular. Can't wait to see 'em myself someday!