Why do we write?

Why do we write?

I imagine there are different reasons for different people. Escape. Creative release. Companionship. Personal satisfaction. Or any combination of things.

It's interesting to think about the different ways writing benefits us, in different life-situations. For me, I'm most productive when things are smooth and on schedule. I can use 20 minutes of my lunch break and accomplish a great deal. But throw in several "snow days" when I'm off work and the kids are home, and "ZAP"... creativity shuts down. Seems odd, because I actually have more free time on those days, but my attentions are elsewhere. On the kids, the laundry, the cooking, and... well, you get the picture.

However, what I've found is that even in those busy times, or those stressful times, if I can carve out just a few minutes for my writing, even if all I'm able to put on the page is a paragraph, I feel better. I get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, not just because I "did it", but because something inside of me just "clicks" when I'm able to create. It's like a lightbulb flips "on" in my heart and mind, and I feel better... lighter... happier.

No, writing probably isn't the cure for all things, but it gives me "something". It's very intangible, but very real. I don't turn to it as often as I should, but I resolve to try.


  1. For me, I think writing *is* the cure all. When I'm writing, I'm pleasant, happy, and just generally on an even keel. When I'm not writing, stress starts to take hold and I start turning into a pure you know what. That's been the way of it for most of my adult life. I really do think our brains are wired differently.

  2. I totally agree.

    Even on our busy days, it's refreshing to find the ability to hit that creative iron, no matter how briefly, and find a spark still there. It does so much to feed the writer's soul and refuel us in a way nothing else can.

  3. Amy:
    I'm with you. I was here at the house by myself and couldn't get anything done for the phone ringing. If people know you're out of school they call to talk.
    I did read the first two twilight books and get a chapter and a half written dispite it all though.
    A paragraph at a time.
    Keep plugging!!