Saying Goodbye...

As a member of Romance Writers of America and Kentucky Romance Writers, I’m privileged to know some really wonderful, talented people. Today’s blog is a tribute to one of them.

It was almost seven years ago that I walked into my very first Kentucky Romance Writers meeting. I was not yet a member, but at that meeting I met six ladies who were. One of them was Ruth Wells.

Today, Ruth’s family and friends will say goodbye to her. Ruth passed away on January 30, after a battle with cancer. She was 49 years old. And though I can’t be there myself, I wanted use this venue to honor her life.

What I remember most about Ruth is that she was always smiling. Soft-spoken and kind, Ruth had a beautiful, sweet spirit that was obvious when you looked at her. Encouragement and compliments flowed easily from her, and it was difficult not to feel uplifted in her presence.

Members of Kentucky Romance Writers are spread out all over the state (and even other states), and you’d be hard pressed to find even one of us who didn’t have a deep affection for Ruth Wells. Most of the communication between members of our group takes place over email, or in our bi-monthly “in person” meetings. But even with that limited communication and interaction, Ruth’s personality and sweet nature came shining through.

Her family and friends have suffered a great loss, but I know they are proud of the woman Ruth was. Her influence reached far beyond the town where she lived, and the memory of her will inspire those of us who knew her for years to come.

Rest in peace, Ruth Wells. You will be greatly missed.


  1. Amy, this is a lovely tribute. What a tragedy. Much too young. The things I'll always remember about Ruth were her soft-spoken manner and her kindness. Also, she had a quiet determination that always amazed me. I can't stop thinking about her dream of being published. After I received the sad news on Saturday, I spent the rest of the day in reflection and I realized how precious each day is, and how much of it I waste. My heart goes out to Ruth's family. I will never forget her.

  2. What a wonderful tribute Amy. I never got to meet Ruth and yet I feel like I lost out on getting to know a wonderful person. I continuously pray for her family during this time. Like Devon, it really makes me take inventory of my time on this earth and just how precious every moment is.

  3. Amy:
    Thank you for writing such a lovely tribute to Ruth. I really appreciate it.

  4. Amy, how wonderful of you to honor Ruth in this way. I didn't know her well but any time she was around, she did brings just a breath of fresh air to the room. She will be missed. Way too soon to leave us. She's brightening the walls of Heaven, now.