Parenting 101... 6 months in the life

September:  Middle boy had Strep Throat
October: Middle boy had an e-coli Urinary Tract Infection... trip to the ER
November:  Middle boy had 3rd double ear infection of 2008
December: All 3 boys have stomach virus... youngest vomits and has diarrhea for 2 weeks
December:  Middle boy had 4th double ear infection of 2008... Dr. can't figure out which antibiotic to give him because he's had so many different ones since Sept.
January:  Oldest boy had upper respiratory infection
January:  Middle boy has tubes put in ears & a procedure by a urologist to stop future UTIs... outpatient surgery at the hospital
February: Youngest boy had ear infection & upper respiratory infection
February: Youngest boy has lymph node in lower jaw swell so bad we though he had the mumps... trip to the ER
March: Oldest now has Strep Throat

~ When I walk into the pharmacy, the clerks ask me... "Is someone sick AGAIN?"


  1. Oh hon! Sounds like it's been a rough 6 months!

    My youngest had bronchitis last fall, allergy issues due to the change in weather not long after that, strep at the end of January and then turned around in February and got pink eye. I keep wondering what it'll be next!

    Will keep your boys in my thoughts that the illnesses will subside very soon.

  2. Oh, Amy! I can't imagine having that much sickness with the kids. How have you survived! Well, you're long overdue for an extended period of perfect health for the entire family, and I hope you get it--the respite from illness, that is. :o)

    I really shouldn't say this--knocking wood like crazy--but no one in my house has even had a cold this winter.

  3. Wow! You poor thing. Isn't it crazy what kids pick up? I'm just getting over a nasty cold my son brought home. He had it for two days, I've had it for two weeks. That's the most we've had though.
    Spring is coming! Air out the house and Lysol everything. For the resp. infections, we found that an air filter works really well for that stuff. My hubby has allergies really bad, and the filter really helps when he comes home. (He's allergic to most of my animals) Just an idea.

  4. OH, Amy! I have one son, and he was ill quite often, especially when he was little. When he got sick, I got sick with worry!

    I can't imagine all you've dealt with.