Winter Wonderland!

I have three sons, ages 10, 5, and 2.  They love to hang out at the construction site of our new house.  In the basement/garage, where lumber and all sorts of equipment is set up for the builders (a.k.a. hubby and his dad) to work, there is a pile of "scrap stuff" in one corner that contains small pieces of lumber, particle board, and various tools such as hammers, pliers, and screw drivers.  This is the spot where my kids play!

The picture above is a birdhouse that my oldest son made from left-over supplies.  Of course, he had some help, but it's still "his".  It now sits in a tree at the back curve of our driveway.  Yesterday, in the midst of the ice storm, my husband took a picture of it, sitting still and serene while the weather wreaked havoc around it.

What a beautiful reminder, I thought, of how our lives operate.  For most of us, there is something or someone, or maybe even several somethings or someones, who ground us, who calm us in the middle of life's catastrophes.  Family, friends, hobbies we love... all of these can give us the strength to be like my son's birdhouse... beautiful and untouched, even in the harshest of moments.

Stay warm and safe, and enjoy the beauty that winter has given us this day.


  1. Amy, that is so cool! In the picture, it looks like a red barn standing far off in the background. Up til now, we've only had a little freezing rain. But today, it's snowing like crazy! We're expecting about 3 inches. I love snow--just so long as the electric doesn't go out. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Thanks Devon! I hope you and yours stay warm and cozy! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey, Amy! Your picture does look so serene. We've been hit with the snow as well, though things haven't been as peaceful. The power was out for hours and my kids took a baby tree out of the neighbor's yard while sledding. I know this because my not-so-friendly neighbor appeared on my front porch, tree in hand. Ah, the joys of parenting. Enjoy the time off school!

  4. Beautiful pictures Amy.

    I think the snow has stopped here, but I did snag a few pictures while it was coming down like crazy!

    (I put up another blog with pics)

  5. Amy, thank you for the pictures. I haven't taken any, though our weather is similar. I shoveled a little, but that was it. Well, and cooked and cleaned and fed the wood furnace and hoped like crazy the electricity would come back on--which thank goodness, it has. I should take pictures. Maybe tomorrow.