Making Life Matter

Today I gave gum to three of my students.  Nothing special, just the Orbit Fruitini I had in my purse.  You'd have thought I gave them all a million dollars.

Today I smiled at a student as he entered my classroom, and complimented how much his behavior had improved.  His muttered "thanks" didn't really sound sincere, but his behavior was near-perfect.

Today I went back outside in the freezing cold to get my baby boy's toy train from the car.  From the look on his face you'd have thought I bought him a whole new train set.
Today I lent a book to a good friend, one we'd both wanted to read for some time.  She smiled from ear to ear, excited about a long weekend of reading.

At dinner tonight, I gave my middle boy part of my chocolate chip dessert.  He grinned like I'd given him the entire dessert.  

Little things are important.  They make life matter.  Find the little things in your life.  You'll enrich your own life, and make someone else's richer too.


  1. Amy, as you know, I'm trying to focus on the simple pleasures too. Little things can make a big difference.

  2. Very true... and appreciating those little things many times makes it easier for me to deal with the not-so-great stuff that come my way!

  3. Amy:
    I'm coming to grips with that right at this moment now that Ruth is sick. We were supposed to go out to eat, a simple desert or a quick snack and it never happened. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to do something for her when she gets home.

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  5. You'll do wonders for Ruth just by being you! Your words and your time will mean a lot to her, just as hers mean a lot to you.