Kentucky Winters and Seasonal Depression

What is it about winter that makes me feel blue and down?  Is it the cold, gray days?  Is it the fact that I am forced against my will to wear socks every day and forsake my beloved flip-flops?  Is it the fact that the long winter months between now and Spring Break seem like a millennium?

It could be the fact that I detest wearing a coat.  I hate putting it on, fighting with it in the car, having to find somewhere to put it once I get inside.  And what if I’m going to the mall or the grocery store?  Who wants to wear or carry a coat while shopping?

Or perhaps it’s the short days.  Call me crazy, but I don’t love going to work in the pitch black every morning, and having the sun start disappearing the moment I get home in the afternoon.  Of course, most days the sun doesn’t actually appear.  There is the illusion of sun, but really it’s just a gray light that sort of hangs around like fog.

I shouldn’t complain.  Kentucky is normally an extraordinarily beautiful state.  And, I’ll admit that there are parts of it that are even beautiful in winter.  The bare trees that are usually so sad and naked looking to me, with the right sort of sunset as a backdrop, can sometimes look like spidery silhouettes against the flames of color in the sky.  And the gray skies sometimes give us some beautiful snow.

The vibrant colors of autumn, with their breathtaking reds and oranges, remind me that nature is a painter more skillful than any master.  The bright sun and vivacious blooms of color in the summer bring me smiles and a carefree feeling that lightens my heart.  And the soft greens of spring, those first sprigs of colors on the trees that hold the promise of new, full life, give hope that even through the cold, beauty is waiting eagerly to emerge.

So, I suppose I’ll endure another Kentucky winter, knowing the beauty that is and is to come. 

But darn it… I miss my flip-flops and tank tops!


  1. I can totally relate. I get into a "deep blue funk" during these bleak and dreary days of winter. I like being home in the warmth and coziness during the cold winter months, but at the same time, my feet itch for my sandals and I'd much rather be wearing shorts and tanktops outside and enjoying the cool spring breezes, sitting on a blanket and listening to the birds and nature around me or enjoying my yard during the hot lazy days of summer.

  2. I detest cold weather. I just can't tolerate it. Give me 90 degrees and I'm happy. I'm looking forward to those spring flowers and warmer temps.
    Teresa Reasor

  3. I can so relate! I came from Giggles and Gulps to say hello

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Seasonal depression is one of the things I deal with every winter. It actually starts as the leaves begin to fall in autumn... to me that's a "pre-curosr" to the long, cold winter. Thankfully, there's plenty in my life to keep me smiling, even on the grayest of days. I also wanted to share that the autumn tree picture and the spring creek with a redbud photo ones that I took. The creek is actually part of my new front yard (once we get moved). It runs along side the driveway, forming the boundary between our property and the neighboring place. The autumn tree was in the yard of another house on my road, earlier this fall. So, I feel blessed that my own little corner of the world is really beautiful! Thanks again!

  5. I miss Kentucky. Great pics, btw, had no idea you were talented as a photographer as well! Music, writing, photography - wow, Amy!

  6. Ah... thanks Tara! Actually, Kevin's much more of a photographer than me, but I can do pretty well with trees and flowers and that sort of thing. When it comes to the kids... who can't be still... I'm not so good! LOL!