Why I Love the "Twilight" books

This post is a kind of "follow-up" to yesterday's blog.  It's perhaps a ray of hope amid those dreary statistics I talked about yesterday.

Yes, it appears, like a large population of the nation's tweens and teens, I'm on the "Twilight" bandwagon.  For one, the books are exceptionally well-written, lots of imagination, vivid descriptions, well-drawn characters, etc. etc.  But the other reason that I love these books is because kids are READING!  In my day job I teach junior high age kids, and I can't tell you how much it thrills me to see kids reading.  On any given day I see 10 or more kids carrying around one of the "Twilight" books.  In fact, during our afternoon break time, when kids can get a snack and sit and talk for a few minutes with their friends, I see lots of kids sitting and READING instead.  This is an extremely rare thing... to see kids choosing to read instead of talk.  Every so often this phenomenon occurs, where a book or series of books explodes in popularity among young people.  We saw it several years ago when the Harry Potter series took off.  So I realize that many people may be sick of hearing about "Twilight" & seeing the advertisements of the movie, tired of seeing Robert Pattinson's face plastered about (although I, for one, sort of like that a lot).  Many folks may be wondering what all the fuss is about.  The fuss is about this... young people in this country are reading!  Sure, not all of them, but a good deal more than were reading before the "Twilight" craze hit.  Let's all hope that the trend continues, and that the kids who fell in love with reading because of the "Twilight" books will find other books to inspire their imaginations and their creativity.  There's a world of them out there.  So kids... go find them!


  1. I haven't read the Twilight books yet but intend to. Of course, add those to fifty other books in my TBR pile *LOL* not to mention those waiting for me in my e-book reader...
    So many books, so little time.

    Welcome to blogging, Amy!

    Cheryl Norman

  2. I hope this trend continues!!! I bought the first book for my daughter to read and am waiting for her to finish it so I can borrow it back.
    I'm so glad the junior high students are discovering something they really enjoy reading.
    Teresa R.

  3. Amy, my son was among the many early Harry Potter readers. In fact, the whole family read the first HP books.

    The last couple of years he stopped reading for pleasure, but that seemed to turn around when I gave him A HARD DAY'S WRITE--the stories behind every Beatles song--for Christmas. He spent the entire afternoon reading!

  4. That's fantastic Magdalena! I may have to find that book for my oldest son. He loves The Beatles!!

  5. Amy, you are so right. And not only kids! I gave my twenty-something new daughter-in-law Twilight for Christmas and my own daughter (who reads only my books, she says, because she is too busy with 3 babies to read much) said, "What? You didn't get me Twilight?" (she got Sandra Brown instead). I said, "I thought you saw the movie and didn't like it much." To which she replied, "But they say the book is so much better!"

    So there you have it. I'll be buying Twilight for the twenty-something-daughter, too.